The energy infrastructure in Germany is undergoing a fundamental transformation, with renewable energies replacing fossil fuels. The path to CO2-free energy production and energy supply is leading to increasing pressure to expand energy production using renewable energies, especially wind, solar, hydropower and biomass. In addition to renewable generation plants, it is also necessary to expand and construct high-performance power lines. Infrastructure projects always involve interventions in nature and the landscape, the soil or the existing infrastructure and therefore require complex approval procedures. Nothing is possible without observing increasingly detailed procedural and material requirements, including those from European and national environmental and nature conservation law, water law, immission control law and the law on the protection of historical monuments.
Energy projects of all kinds are in the special focus of the public. Therefore, in addition to the correct and targeted use of planning law instruments in urban land use planning, regional planning and sectoral planning, the timely participation and involvement of all affected stakeholders are always essential factors for success. In regional planning and planning approval procedures, as in other approval procedures, scientific and legal issues are intertwined. It is necessary to work through the technical legal details while at the same time keeping a consistent eye on the project as a whole. We accompany challenging projects in the field of energy infrastructure and advise developers of energy generation plants and transmission line projects comprehensively and with foresight in order to find pragmatic as well as legally secure solutions for the creation of the infrastructure required for the success of the energy transition.

Our consulting services //

  • Monitoring of projects in the field of energy infrastructure
  • Legal support for project management
  • Building permit and planning law for large infrastructure projects
  • Support for municipalities, cities and authorities in urban land use planning and spatial planning

Our clients //

  • Municipalities
  • Authorities
  • Project sponsor
  • Project Manager
  • Consultancy

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